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country brief 1: The Colonial Era
missing commas run on sentences
content strong...should edit grammar

Niger delta
off of
Creating enormojs revenue same sentence

prefer Niger delta shows more of your thinking
need to edit for grammar.

About Protestantism notes

second largest xianity: 800-900 million worldwide, 40% of xians
originated with Reformation: 16th c: errors in Roman Cathoic Church (papal supremacy, sacraments)
priesthood of all believers, justification by faith alone rather than good works
Bible highest authority
Germany. Martin Luther Ninetyfive Theses b remission of sin by buying indulgences
name from letter of protestation german lutheran princes in 1529 against condemnation of ML teachings as heretical.


Kathy Martino’s formula for figuring out workshop costs (as understood by Maritza A.)

1. Add costs for:
Room and board (include Friday dinner if purchased)
Leader’s fee
Organizer’s fee
2 scholarships
expenses (snack, supplies)
2. Divide subtotal for the above by 9 (this amount is a projection of what Seattle will get)

3. Add up 1 and 2
These are the constant expenses

4. Divide constant expenses by # of people coming minus 4 (2 scholarships, leader and organizer)


Ayer hable con Aida y me conto mucha historia de familia que yo no sabia.

What I know and can teach

Add stuff from Gina list.

Culture based/critical thinking processes to identify group's themes, strengths and knowledge, needs, goals, action plans, actions for instructional, professional development, and management purposes.
Connecting the dots (particular issues and concerns to macro issues)
Who are possible allies?

May First meetings

Aaron chair, Pablo, Juange, Damaris?
Alfredo, Jamie, Maritza
Juange apoyo a alcaldesa nueva
Pablo proyecto agua
Agenda: 1. reunion de miembros
webinar session
broadcast and saved kickoff
8 online discussion meetings: what should priorities for org be? notetaker record priorities
general/open (4); other 4 particular topic (recruitment)
community responses to police brut mil surv
fighting econ injustice and alternative econ
migrant freedom
popular exp art free culture

Post LF Call Notes

Notes from post LF conf call KM
Betsy - We panelists didn’t dominate. Good to have mini, good title. Ask to the fundraiser? Hopeful, loves telling people about it, having a team makes it go well.

LF 2018 Report Final Draft

Left Forum Reports by RC Team Participants
Maritza Arrastia
The LF is a large yearly gathering of movement activists and scholars comprised of several hundred panels, workshops, and plenaries. This is the third year that NY RC regions participated. The first two were as United to End Racism (UER) and this year was as Sustaining all Life (SAL). Our panel/workshop theme this year was: Tools for Listening When We Disagree.

LF Report to edit

Draft Report
Left Forum Report

LF Description from website

In the Beginning

Left Forum was founded in the 1960s as the Socialist Scholars Conference (SSC) by Bogdan Denitch, Stanley Aronowitz, and others. The Socialist Scholars Conference was re-founded in 1981 and was meant to be a broad effort by new left academics to create a forum in which to present theoretical and historical work in a mostly scholarly format, but for an audience reaching far beyond academic circles.


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